Clarkson and the N Word – a slippery slope?


Jeremy Clarkson is in the news once again.   Last time for reciting the old nursery rhyme eeny meeny miny mo….and going on to use the now forbidden N word.  And now we have the ‘slopes’ debacle.   It seems there is no end to the ways in which one media person can create offence to various groups.

This is not the first or second time Clarkson has offended. I am not writing to debate the rights and wrongs of old  childhood nursery rhymes, changing language and societal norms or even race discrimination.   But few organisations would be able to endure this kind of publicity…


What if you were the BBC?

What if it were your brand being associated with this debate?

Would this be damaging to your business?

Many organisations struggle with managing ‘stars’ who do things everyone else would get fired for.  Jeremy Clarkson is not employed by the BBC. Like so many people he is not an employee of the organisation he is so publicly associated with. If he were an employee, internal rules and policies apply. If necessary disciplinary sanctions, even dismissal, are considered.  But freelancers and sub-contractors  are different.

If your sub-contractor or freelancer starts trashing your brand where do you stand?

Do you have a written agreement with your freelancer?

Does it deal with this sort of thing?

What rights would you have as the person whose brand is under fire if this was going on around your business?

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