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Are you confusing your VA with your Valentine?

Many women dream of the perfect Valentine who will send flowers (the right ones, of course).   Finding the perfect person who will give us what we want without having to ask is a perfect fantasy.

If you are running your business on the basis that the people you pay will just ‘get’ what you want, and give it to you it’s going to be a stormy romance.

Are you feeling the love?

As soon as you start paying other people to do things for you – you run into the problem that you don’t always get what you thought you were getting.  Many a businesswoman has sat down at midnight to redo the work she paid someone else to do.

You can’t let your customers down, so when things go wrong – when people let you down – it is you that picks up the slack.
In the short term this is OK, but if it becomes a pattern, you will exhaust yourself and your business and limit your opportunities to grow. And it will ultimately make you ill.

The people you pay are not spending hours trying to guess what you want (or they shouldn’t be!).  You need to let them know: –

  • what you want
  • how you want it
  • when you want it
  • how to delight you with it

If you don’t teach them how to delight the boss, it won’t just be your Valentine left wondering if you prefer roses to daises or milk chocolate to plain.

Real romance?

The real thrill of being the boss is not in the ups and downs of unexpected failures, or in the late night working to pull it all together, but in finding ways to let the people around you know how to get on with the right job in the right way at the right time.

Get that bit right and you can afford all the champagne you want!

Oh, and in case anybody’s reading this who wants to be my Valentine that’s:

  • Belgian chocolate
  • Packaged beautifully
  • At breakfast time
  • ………..Well that really is one to keep you guessing.

Happy Valentine’s Day..

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