Zero hours employment contracts – Consultations – GOV.UK

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The government is consulting on the problems identified around the use of zero hours contracts.

Annabel Kaye‘s insight:

If you feel strongly about zero hours contracts then read the consultation document and make your views heard – it closes in March but don’t forget..

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2 responses to “Zero hours employment contracts – Consultations – GOV.UK

  1. sandy

    Alas this practise is alive and well in Canada, thanks to the UK. It precludes people from being able to collect unemployment benefits. It is taking us all back a hundred years or so and in the end without some kind of restrictions will be very harmful for society as a whole.

    • In the UK we have working tax credit for people in employment and the self employed. Whilst in theory this cushions the blow in reality it has a number of effects, in particular, that the tax credit subsidises the employer’s flexibility in that periods of nil work are paid for by the tax payer – albeit at a subsistence (ish) level. In reality I saw families being left without one penny over Christmas when the benefits agency decided they had overpaid a period as new records of earnings came in. This resulted in no money at all over Christmas – which happenned to coincide with a nil hours period in that particular profession. Similarly I have seen people on zero hours who have worked for years find themselves not entitled to statutory maternity pay as the employer has stopped giving them any hours as soon as they discovered the pregnancy – and our pay is calculated on waht you earn in a particular week!.

      Whilst we have the technology – the reality is our systems are essentially manual and zero hours can trap people into something they simply can’t get out of.

      Do you have any form of working welfare in Canada?

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