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How many bosses don’t read contracts?

A recent Which? Magazine survey suggested that up to 5.1m British workers have failed to read their employment contract properly.

How many bosses don’t read or understand the contracts they are issuing?

Which? make some great suggestions about what employees should do, but what should the boss do?

1. Read your contract! Are you prepared to do all the things it says you will do (if the situation arises)? If not, you should consider changing it. Being ‘in breach of contract’ can be a big problem and making promises in writing you don’t intend to honour just documents your failure.

2. Check the handbook – If your contract refers to a handbook, make sure you read this too, as its terms will also be binding

3. Ask questions – Do you understand your contract? Are there grey bits you just ignore? Do your staff? Ask them if they have read it and know what it means – that can be a shock!

4. Issue the documents – Some bosses keep contracts in a locked drawer and don’t issue them. If they are no good, get them changed, if they are good you need them out there doing what you need them to do.

5. Keep copies of the signed terms – You may need to show someone had a copy to make sure you chase up for signed copies and keep them locked away.

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