Pickets at the gate

You may not be ‘in dispute’ with your employees, but they may have jobs that involve visiting other sites where there are pickets at the gate.

If you are in a highly unionised environment you will have met this before, and you should follow your normal procedures, but if this is your first time around you should be aware that:

Many union members will refuse to cross picket lines

Even if your staff are not in a Union, they may have legitimate health and safety concerns about crossing some picket lines, and you should investigate carefully the circumstances of any refusal or failure to cross a picket line before considering whether you have a disciplinary issue with the individual concerned.

Whether they are entitled to be paid if they are not crossing picket lines depends in great part on your contract AND on the effect of this refusal.

Annabel Kaye is Managing Director of Irenicon Ltd, a specialist employment law consultancy.   Tel: 08452 303050  Fax: 08452 303060  Website : www.irenicon.co.uk.  You can follow Annabel on twitter – http://twitter.com/AnnabelKaye

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