Government can’t follow it’s own rules

The Swine flu helpline has been caught out using workers under 18 at times when it is illegal for them to work. 

This is not the first time the Government has had difficulty in interpreting or applying employment law legislation.  From losing millions by printing incorrect advice on discipline and dismissal or TUPE to failing to comply with the basic rules of employment when acting as an employer the UK government seems to have the view that laws are for other people.

Whilst MPs are content to churn out complex rules to cover the smallest UK employer, the reality is the government departments cannot follow the rules they impose on everyone else.  Why?  

Is it that the rules are so difficult to understand and interpret? – in which case why not make them easier?.

Or is it that senior officials take the view the rules don’t apply to them?

Why not survey government departments for compliance before we impose these rules on smaller businesses?  Anything they can’t comply with let’s suspend while we get it simplified.

With the tax payers millions at their disposal and the benefit of having written the rules – if they can’t comply how can anyone else?

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