Doing a tribunal for yourself? 10 questions people ask:

More people than ever a going to an employment tribunal to represent themselves or their organisation.  It can be scary and the language used by the tribunal doesn’t always make much sense if you’re not used to it.   Here are  the top 1o questions people ask us:

  1. Man holding umberella to stop paperwork flooding him like rainI don’t have any witnesses so I don’t need to exchange witness statements. Wrong, even if you are going on your own, the chances are you are a witness in your own case and you need to prepare a witness statement and exchange it with the other side.
  2. The side with the most witnesses usually wins.  It is not a numbers game and unnecessary witnesses don’t help.
  3. There aren’t any documents relevant to my case .  Often we find there are helpful documents that you haven’t thought of.
  4. Deadlines don’t apply to me .  If you don’t comply with the deadlines set by the tribunal you can find yourself at risk of costs or not being allowed to use the stuff you sent in late
  5. Tribunals are biased against small employers/claimants in person – not true, but they won’t find in your favour if you don’t present your case properly – they are there to judge the issue not to represent you.
  6. I don’t need any form of representation.  A good briefing on what to do may be all you need.
  7. I am dreading cross examination. What will they ask me? What will I say? A good run through can take the edge off your nerves and help you understand the process. It is a good idea to prepare for what you are going to ask as well.
  8. I am not a lawyer – what do I have to do about the law? We can help you look at your case from a legal point of view and check you are covering the bases
  9. I have been asked to produce a schedule of loss – what is that? If you don’t know how to calculate what’s at stake in tribunal it can take ages and you can get it wrong.  If you are not bringing an equality claim then it is all about financial loss .
  10. What is an agreed document bundle? If you are told to agree a document bundle you are being asked to agree the documents in it are true and to produce on bundle of your documents and your opponents with numbering for the pages and an index. Do not agree documents that you dispute – put them in another bundle!  Or tell the other side it is a combined document bundle but you dispute some of the documents.

We support people by phone, email, skype, google hangout, etc.  Helping behind the scenes to deal with the tricky bits, understand the process and get the best out of your case. 

Check our free download on how to keep your tribunal fees low.

For more information contact for a range of fixed fee or flexible fee options for DIY tribunal representatives.


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