Calls for TUPE law reforms

The backlog of tribunal cases on the 2006 TUPE provisions are being decided and triggering calls for a reform to the regulations

Service providers seem blissfully unaware that they inherit their rivals’ staff when successfully competing for a contract and many have made no plans whatsoever for how to deal with this.

From cleaning contractors to PR companies to solicitors and IT contractors – everyone has a tale to tell. This week we have heard on our own hotline of:

  • total strangers to the new management turning up for work and expecting to be paid
  • a year after a TUPE transfer a woman turning up expecting to return from maternity leave
  • mass unfair dismissals being triggered by pay cuts

However, lobbying for a change in the law is not likely to solve the problem. The TUPE regulations stem from Europe and the UK parliament does not have the power to get us out of this.

Campaigning for an end to TUPE is as likely to succeed as campaigning for an end to PAYE.

More practically it makes sense to plan not to make a mess of this. We have been working with employers large and small since TUPE was first invented, making TUPE work for them. If you want to find out how to make TUPE work for you contact us., tel: 08452 303050 fax: 08452 303060

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